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HELP I”M DYING!! What the fuck did the new one say to warrant these looks.

Junhoe called him mannerless and I wish, I wish could screencap the new trainee rolling his eyes @ what looks like B.I (?) 

YG wasn’t messing around when he said he added this one for tension.

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taehyung » kangaroo

Energetic, creative, capricious—they are dreamers and jokers and tend to be impulsive. Though their hobbies are fleeting, they stay true to their passions and have incredible amounts of endurance. They stray away from confrontation and know how to shield themselves from danger; they’re incredibly versatile and can adapt to new situations in the blink of an eye though they’re often perceived as childish for their playful natures. 

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Mix & Match - Scary Yang Hyun Suk

Mix & Match - Scary Yang Hyun Suk

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Team B - Wait For Me (기다려) translation


She keeps smiling on and on
As if it’s nothing, time holds onto you as it ticks away
In my dreams, I’m with you as I hold your hand
But cruelly, I say goodbye when the sun rises
As my pillow gets wet

Oh you and me (oh you and me)
We’re under the same sky but we can’t meet
But believe in me, I’ll…

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Winner x iKon


He’s sad because he’s all alone and nobody wants him. But on this page, his family hears him crying and they find him.

Then the Ugly Duckling is happy, because he knows where he belongs.

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TEAM B’s reaction to YG’s announcement {inspired by this}

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